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Pec Playhouse Theatre 2017 Season
The Graduate                    (Comedy) Feb 17 - Mar 5, 2017 (9 Performances)                            This is the first play adaptation of the classic novel and cult film. Benjamin   Braddock   has   just   finished   college   and,   back   at   his   parents'   house,   he's   trying   to   avoid   the one   question   everyone   keeps   asking:   What   does   he   want   to   do   with   his   life?   An   unexpected   diversion crops   up   when   he   is   seduced   by   Mrs.   Robinson,   a   bored   housewife   and   friend   of   his   parents.   But   what begins   as   a   fun   tryst   turns   complicated   when   Benjamin   falls   for   the   one   woman   Mrs.   Robinson demanded he stay away from, her daughter, Elaine. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (Drama) Apr 21 - May 7, 2017 (9 Performances)                          Randle   McMurphy   is   a   charming   rogue   who   contrives   to   serve   a   short   sentence   in   an   airy   mental institution   rather   in   a   prison.   This,   he   learns,   was   a   mistake.   He   clashes   with   the   head   nurse,   a   fierce martinet.   Quickly,   he   takes   over   the   yard   and   helps   another   patient   which   the   medical   profession   has been   unable   to   do   for   twelve   years.   He   leads   others   out   of   introversion,   and   stages   a   revolt   so   that they   can   see   the   world   series   on   television,   and   arranges   a   rollicking   midnight   party.   For   one   offense, the   head   nurse   has   him   submit   to   shock   treatment.   However,   the   party   is   too   horrid   for   her   and   she forces him to submit to a final correction which changes his life forever. Bye Bye Birdie (Musical Comedy) Jul 14 - 30, 2017 (12 Performances) Rock   star   Conrad   Birdie   is   the   biggest   thing   to   top   the   charts.   Women   love   him,   men   want   to   be   him and   teenage   girls   around   the   country   scream   with   glee   at   the   mere   mention   of   his   name.   But   when the   US   Army   drafts   Birdie,   manager   Albert   Peterson   sees   his   meal   ticket   preparing   to   fly   the   coop. Desperate   for   a   publicity   stunt   big   enough   to   help   them   survive   Birdie’s   departure,   Albert   hatches   a plan:   send   Conrad   to   small-town   America   to   plant   his   goodbye   kiss   on   one   lucky   fan   for   the   entire world   to   see.   Their   selection   of   super   fan   Kim   Macafee   sends   the   wholesome   enclave   of   Sweet Apple, Ohio   into   chaos.   Kim’s   boyfriend,   Hugo,   can’t   take   the   humiliation   of   his   lady   love’s   televised   lip-lock. And   Sweet Apple   can’t   take   its   teens'   riotous   rebellion,   inspired   by   the   arrival   of   bad-boy   Birdie.   Will Sweet Apple ever be the same? Off’ed at the Bake-Off (Comedy) Sept 15 - Oct 1, 2017 (9 Performances)                                   Flashback   to   1955,   the   stormy   evening   before   the   33rd   annual   Knotting   Bake-Off.   The   contestants have   gathered   at   the   Knotting   Inn   down   at   the   Jersey   Shore,   each   hoping   that   their   perfectly   crafted baked   good   will   win   the   coveted   blue   ribbon.   It   seems   someone’s   dessert   is   more   deadly   than   tasty, though,   when   they   discover   an   entire   gaggle   of   bratty   students   have   been   poisoned.   It   is   clear   that someone   at   the   inn   has   a   sweet   tooth   for   murder.   When   a   detective   arrives   on   the   scene,   he   will   need the   audience's   help   to   figure   out   whodunit.      Flying   accusations   and   flying   pies   are   just   a   few   of   the fun ingredients that make this murder mystery a recipe for a hilarious night at the theatre. Little Women (Family / Holiday) Nov 17 - Dec 3, 2017 (12 Performances)                              Under   the   guidance   of   their   beloved   mother,   the   four   young   March   sisters   --   tempestuous   Jo,   motherly Meg,   shy   Beth,   and   spoiled   baby Amy   --   struggle   to   keep   their   family   going   while   Father's   away   in   the Civil   War.   In   this   beautifully   dramatized   adaptation   of   the   classic   novel,   each   girl   strives   to   find   her true self, even as privation, illness, and sibling rivalry cast their shadows over the family home.