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Pec Playhouse Theatre 2018 Season
Time After Time                    (Dromedy) Feb 16 - Mar 4, 2018 (9 Performances)                            Amy,   attractive,   lonely   and   a   little   fed   up   with   her   dead-end   job,   is   having   an   unusual   day.   An   oddly dressed   Englishman   comes   up   to   her   desk,   greatly   concerned   about   an   earlier   visitor   whom   he   is evidently   following.   What Amy   doesn't   realize   yet   is   that   both   of   these   men   have   just   left   the   fog-filled London   streets   of   1893   to   come   to   present-day   San   Francisco.   Jack   the   Ripper   has   used   H.G.   Wells' Time   Machine   to   disappear   into   the   future,   and   H.G.   decides   it's   his   responsibility   to   bring   him   back   to London   and   justice.   Befriended   by Amy,   H.G.   begins   to   close   in   on   Jack,   which   puts   H.G.   and Amy   into some scenes that will have you gasping.
Enchanted April                    (Romantic Comedy) Apr 20 - May 6, 2018 (9 Performances)                            From   the   novel   by   Elizabeth   von   Arnim.   Feeling   lost   in   the   shadows   of   marriage   and   forgotten   in   the rush   of   1920s   post-war   society,   two   London   housewives   pool   their   savings   to   rent   a   villa   in   Italy   for   a ladies-only   holiday   away,   reluctantly   recruiting   a   pair   of   difficult   upper-class   women   to   share   the   cost and   the   experience.   Together   under   the   Mediterranean   sun,   the   four   women   clash—and   then   begin   to bond and bloom - until men once again upset the balance.
Of Mice and Men                    (Drama) Jun 22 - Jul 8, 2018 (9 Performances)                            Two   drifters,   George   and   his   friend   Lennie,   have   just   arrived   at   a   ranch   to   work   for   enough   money   to buy   their   own   place.   Lennie   is   a   little   boy   in   the   body   of   a   dangerously   powerful   man.   It's   Lennie's obsessions   with   things   soft   and   cuddly   that   have   made   George   cautious   about   with   whom   the   gentle giant   associates.   But   when   a   ranch   boss'   promiscuous   wife   is   found   dead   in   the   barn,   it's   obvious   that Lennie,   albeit   accidentally,   killed   her.   George,   now   worried   about   his   own   safety,   knows   exactly   where Lennie   has   gone   to   hide,   and   he   meets   him   there.   Realizing   they   can't   run   away   anymore,   George   is faced   with   a   moral   question:   how   should   he   deal   with   Lennie   before   the   ranchers   find   him   and   take matters into their own hands.
Private Eyes                    (Comedy) Aug 24 - Sept 9, 2018 (9 Performances)                            This   is   a   comedy   of   suspicion   in   which   nothing   is   ever   quite   what   it   seems.   Matthew's   wife,   Lisa,   is having   an   affair   with   Adrian,   a   British   theatre   director.   Or   perhaps   the   affair   is   part   of   the   play   being rehearsed.   Or   perhaps   Matthew   has   imagined   all   of   it   simply   to   have   something   to   report   to   Frank,   his therapist.   And,   finally,   there   is   Cory—the   mysterious   woman   who   seems   to   shadow   the   others—who brings   the   story   to   its   surprising   conclusion.   Or   does   she? The   audience   itself   plays   the   role   of   detective in this hilarious "relationship thriller" about love, lust and the power of deception.
Nuncrackers: A Nunsense Christmas Musical                    (Musical Comedy) Nov 16 - Dec 2, 2018 (12 Performances)                            Starring   the   nuns   you   love,   Father   Virgil,   and   four   of   Mount   Saint   Helen's   most   talented   students, Nuncrackers: The   Nunsense   Christmas   Musical   is   presented   as   the   first TV   special   taped   in   the   convent's new   basement   cable   access   studio.   With   brand   new   songs,   including   "Twelve   Days   Prior   to   Christmas", "Santa   Ain't   Comin'   To   Our   House,"   "We   Three   Kings   of   Orient   Are   Us"   and   "It's   Better   To   Give   Than   To Receive,"   this   show   is   filled   with   typical   Nunsense   humor,   your   favorite   carols,   and   "secret   Santa" audience participation.