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Content Rating Guide
Pec   Playhouse   Theatre   strives   to   bring   a   variety   of   entertainment   genres   to   the   stage,   but   every show   is   not   always   for   everyone.   We   respect   the   tolerance   levels   of   all   our   patrons,   so   we   urge each   of   you   to   please   inform   yourselves   of   the   nature   of   our   productions   before   deciding   to   indulge in   them.   This   handy   content   rating   guide   is   designed   to   help   you   make   your   decision   and   steer clear of any potentially offensive material. It's your choice. Use your discretion.
YOUTH + Family-friendly and suitable for younger patrons. Content is appropriate and engaging for all ages. TEEN + Content may not necessarily be mature in nature, but may not be engaging or interesting to those under 13 years of age. ADULT Contains mature content that may not be suitable for patrons under the age of 18 (eg. coarse language, sexuality, brief nudity). Strong discretion is advised.