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Pec Playhouse Theatre
Box Office & Info: 815-239-1210
July 14 - July 30 2017 12 Performances Total Sat & Sun 2pm Fri & Sat 8pm
Rock   star   Conrad   Birdie   is   the   biggest   thing   to   top   the   charts. Women   love   him,   men   want   to   be   him   and   teenage   girls   around the    country    scream    with    glee    at    the    mere    mention    of    his name.   But   when   the   US   Army   drafts   Birdie,   manager   Albert Peterson    sees    his    meal    ticket    preparing    to    fly    the    coop. Desperate   for   a   publicity   stunt   big   enough   to   help   them   survive Birdie’s    departure,    Albert    hatches    a    plan:    send    Conrad    to small-town   America   to   plant   his   goodbye   kiss   on   one   lucky   fan for   the   entire   world   to   see.   Their   selection   of   super   fan   Kim Macafee   sends   the   wholesome   enclave   of   Sweet   Apple,   Ohio into   chaos.   Kim’s   boyfriend,   Hugo,   can’t   take   the   humiliation of   his   lady   love’s   televised   lip-lock. And   Sweet Apple   can’t   take its   teens'   riotous   rebellion,   inspired   by   the   arrival   of   bad-boy Birdie. Will Sweet Apple ever be the same?  
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Open Auditions For “Off’ed at the Bake Off” Jul 31st & Aug 1st
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