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June 22 - July 8, 2018 9 Performances Total Fri & Sat at 8pm Sun at 2pm
Two   drifters,   George   and   his   friend   Lennie,   have   just arrived   at   a   ranch   to   work   for   enough   money   to   buy their   own   place.   Lennie   is   a   little   boy   in   the   body   of   a dangerously   powerful   man.   It's   Lennie's   obsessions   with things   soft   and   cuddly   that   have   made   George   cautious about   with   whom   the   gentle   giant   associates.   But   when a   ranch   boss'   promiscuous   wife   is   found   dead   in   the barn,   it's   obvious   that   Lennie,   albeit   accidentally,   killed her.   George,   now   worried   about   his   own   safety,   knows exactly   where   Lennie   has   gone   to   hide,   and   he   meets him    there.    Realizing    they    can't    run    away    anymore, George   is   faced   with   a   moral   question:   how   should   he deal   with   Lennie   before   the   ranchers   find   him   and   take matters into their own hands.
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Content may not necessarily be mature in nature, but may not be engaging or interesting to those under 13 yearsof age.
Another Murder Will Happen at PPT!
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We’re pleased to announce our 2018 Murder Mystery Dinner Fund Raiser! Join us on Sat, October 13 For a fun night filled with good food, lots of laughs, and yes, a murder! We need you and any other  daring detectives you know to help investigate and solve the crime.
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