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Feb 16 - Mar 4, 2018 9 Performances Total Fri & Sat at 8pm Sun at 2pm
Amy,    attractive,    lonely    and    a    little    fed    up    with    her dead-end   job,   is   having   an   unusual   day. An   oddly   dressed Englishman   comes   up   to   her   desk,   greatly   concerned about   an   earlier   visitor   whom   he   is   evidently   following. What   Amy   doesn't   realize   yet   is   that   both   of   these   men have   just   left   the   fog-filled   London   streets   of   1893   to come   to   present-day   San   Francisco.   Jack   the   Ripper   has used   H.G.   Wells'   Time   Machine   to   disappear   into   the future,   and   H.G.   decides   it's   his   responsibility   to   bring him   back   to   London   and   justice.   Befriended   by   Amy, H.G.   begins   to   close   in   on   Jack,   which   puts   H.G.   and Amy into some scenes that will have you gasping.  
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Open Auditions For “Time After Time” Dec 11 & 12, 2017
Content may not necessarily be mature in nature, but may not be engaging or interesting to those under 13 yearsof age.
PPT Announces 2018 Season We   are   pleased   to   announce   the   details   for   our   2018   Season.   It   is   once   again   made   up   of   5   fantasic plays   and   musicals   that   has   someting   for   everyone.   For   more   information   or   to   purchase   individual tickets online click here .To puchase season subscriptions, please contact the box office: 815-239-1210.
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Onsale Jan 1 2018