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Sept 16 - Oct 2, 2016 9 Performances Total Fri & Sat 8pm & Sun 2pm
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On   the   eve   of   her   twenty-fifth   birthday,   Catherine,   a troubled   young   woman,   has   spent   years   caring   for   her brilliant   but   unstable   father,   a   famous   mathematician. Now,   following   his   death,   she   must   deal   with   her   own volatile   emotions;   the   arrival   of   her   estranged   sister, Claire;   and   the   attentions   of   Hal,   a   former   student   of her   father's   who   hopes   to   find   valuable   work   in   the   103 notebooks   that   her   father   left   behind.   Over   the   long weekend   that   follows,   a   burgeoning   romance   and   the discovery    of    a    mysterious    notebook    draw    Catherine into   the   most   difficult   problem   of   all:   How   much   of her father's madness—or genius—will she inherit?
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Contains language that may not be suitable for patrons under the age of 18.
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