Striving To Make
Community Theatre
The Best It Can Be


Pec Playhouse Theatre is your place to be involved in the production of theatre and the related arts.

Whether you’re an actor, director, technician, patron, or donor, we provide encouragement, education, and a whole lot of opportunities to fulfill your interest in the performing arts. C’mon out to Pec. We’re ready for you!



With a 30-year track record of producing five productions annually, the Playhouse has scaled our season to two shows in order to focus time, talent and treasure on our building project.



Pec Playhouse is an all-volunteer organization that is known for a welcoming spirit and family atmosphere. It’s a place to share your talents and expertise, and also to learn a new craft or try a different skill.

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What Folks Are Saying

  • Sharon Boehlefeld
    I have always loved live theatre. Being able to watch a good show without having to drive very far is what drew me to Pec Playhouse. It's also nice to be able to help from way off stage by volunteering my time.
    Sharon Boehlefeld
    patron and volunteer
  • Penny Wiegert
    I am proud to have the arts represented in my hometown through Pec Playhouse and am continually honored to be part of it on and off the stage.
    Penny Wiegert
    actor and past board member
  • Glen Wiegert
    Because of community theatre I have an extended family that can feel the joys, love, energy, and excitement of performing live.
    Glen Wiegert
    Board President, actor, and set builder
  • Jamie Button
    We're like a family inviting folks to our home, sitting down for a spell, feeding them a variety of entertainment, and then sending them home with leftovers of memories.
    Jamie Button
  • Lenny Adrignola
    Pec Playhouse has given countless volunteers the chance to work both in front of and behind the curtain. Though no one is looking for a reward, you can’t help but feel good when you talk to patrons after a show.
    Lenny Adrignola
    actor, set builder, and box office volunteer
  • Jesse Dabson
    Pec Playhouse aspires to do first-rate productions, I love the commitment of the volunteers and the familial feeling of the casts and crews.
    Jesse Dabson
    actor and director
  • Laurie Miller
    My entire family has been involved from young children to adults. Plus, I love creating beautiful costumes for the appreciative cast members.
    Laurie Miller
    actor, costume designer, and stage mom
  • Kim Mathieu
    Until I joined the cast of Mama Mia!, I had never been to the Playhouse. Now I can’t wait to get on stage again!
    Kim Mathieu
    Greek Chorus, Mama Mia! 2019